zappa eulogy

Tribute to our Zappa

We were delighted to have our eulogy featured in the Canine Zone magazine as a tribute to our firstborn pug!

“They say a dog is man’s best friend. But to us you were so much more! A son, companion, guide, inspiration and above all, you truly were my soul mate.

Your unconditional love and kind nature drove us to be better people! It was through YOU my boy that we opened our own NPO to assist in raising much needed funds for our animal shelter friends, Helping Hands SA. You have always been the start of any great idea we ever had, and there is no way of explaining what you have done for us!

You have always completed us – and only now that you are gone, do we realise how much of us is missing. Losing you has changed us forever, and it is in your pawprints that we live each day as best as we can, to make you proud.

Your life was a blessing and your memory a treasure! You were our hardest goodbye. You are still loved beyond words and will be missed beyond measure. We truly can’t wait to be welcomed by you on the rainbow bridge.

Always in my heart, always on my mind and always my guide.

Love you so much my Zappa-Son”

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