Just like with being a parent, there is skill involved in being a successful pet owner. There’s more to it than just going to the pet shop and getting a puppy or a kitten.

These days, animal welfare organisations make doubly sure that you are able to be a responsible pet owner before they hand over a puppy, a kitten or a grown animal. So before you take on a pet, check out the following tips from the Cybervet forum users:

  1. Make sure you can afford a pet
  2. Be consistent in your rules
  3. Have your pet spayed or neutered
  4. Take your dog for walks
  5. Feed your animals at the same time every day
  6. Never hit your animals
  7. Pets need people
  8. Get a vet you trust
  9. Have your pet ID-tagged
  10. Arrange adequate care when you are away
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