The Heartfelt Role of a Dog Mom

Mothers day

Unconditional Love and Paws: The Heartfelt Role of a Dog Mom. Celebrating the Special Bond Between Dogs and Their Human Moms Every wag of the tail, every soulful gaze, and every enthusiastic bark tells a story of a unique and profound connection between a dog and its human mom. As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s…

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First study on human-grade dog food

The first study on human-grade dog food says whole, fresh food is highly digestible Pet owners are increasingly treating their “fur-babies” like members of the family (WHICH THEY SHOULD). This means more people are feeding their dogs meals and diets that have been developed that more closely resemble human food, incorporating human-grade meat, vegetables, and…

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Best Friend Day

Today we celebrate Best Friend Day, and, in our opinion, you don’t get a better best friend than your 4 legged furry buddies! Life wouldn’t be the same without best friends. They’re the friends that can be counted on to be there at a moment’s notice. The ones who love, laugh, support, and cherish –…

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World Animal Day

Have you seen this inspirational video celebrating World Animal Day? We celebrate World Animal Day every year on October 4th. A day dedicated to celebrating all wildlife around the world and protecting animal rights and welfare. The mission of World Animal Day is to raise the status of animals to improve welfare standards around the…

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Spring into Action

spring into action with good dog co

Spring into Action with Good Dog Co’s Homemade K9 Meals! 🌱🐶 Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors with your furry friend! Whether you’re hitting the dog parks, going on long walks, or engaging in high-energy demanding activities, it’s important to fuel your buddy with the nutrition they need…

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Celebrate Women’s Day

Womens Day with your dog

In this fun article, we take a look at 5 ways you can celebrate Women’s Day with your dog 🐶 National Women’s Day in South Africa is a special occasion to honour the strength, resilience, and achievements of women. And what better way to celebrate than including your furry friend in the festivities? 🎉❤️ Here…

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World Ocean Day

Today we celebrate World Ocean Day and what better way of doing that, than by bringing awareness to the phenomenal internationally celebrated day! What is World Oceans Day? World Oceans Day is an important international event that takes place every year in June. The goal of the event is to raise awareness about the impact…

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Dog-Friendly Places To Eat in JHB

pet friendly restaurants

Thanks to Eat Out for these 15 Dog-Friendly Places To Eat in JHB! From charming garden cafés to sidewalk coffee shops, these dog-friendly spots in Jozi will keep the whole family happy. Don’t forget that Walkhaven Dog Park also has an amazing restaurant and bar as well as their very PAWsome Pizza-Mutt! Arbour Café &…

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Lowering our dog’s cancer risk

Lowering your dogs cancer risk

Did you know that what you feed your dog can have an effect on lowering your dog’s cancer risk! Here’s why it is so important to add fresh “human food” to your pet’s kibble! Today, ninety-six percent of pet owners around the globe are feeding dry commercial pet foods. Of those 96%, there is a…

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