First study on human-grade dog food

First study on human-grade dog food

The first study on human-grade dog food says whole, fresh food is highly digestible

Pet owners are increasingly treating their “fur-babies” like members of the family (WHICH THEY SHOULD). This means more people are feeding their dogs meals and diets that have been developed that more closely resemble human food, incorporating human-grade meat, vegetables, and grains. Until now, little research has been done on these foods.  A new study from the University of Illinois shows these diets are not only highly palatable but are also more digestible than the generic mass-produced dry pellets.

The researchers determined the chemical composition in these diets, as well as their nutrient and amino acid digestibility and energy content. To avoid the confounding effects of gut microbial activity, they fed each diet to surgically altered roosters lacking ceca, or microbial pouches. Ultimately, these human-grade diets were highly digestible.

In addition, the researchers found that traditional dog pellets and pet foods were generally less digestible than human foods. Dogs showed an increase in the ability to metabolise energy from human-grade dog foods, which backed up claims of pet owners saying with human-grade dog food they can feed their dogs smaller quantities of food while being able to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

While on human-grade dog meals researchers also found Amino acid digestibility was also very high – over 85% for most of the indispensable amino acids – indicating high protein quality. This can translate to low stool volume, welcome news for most dog owners. (They also need to eat less so in turn, they also poop less, there are also no fillers and bulkers in the human-grade dog meals and the majority of the meal is digested and absorbed and nutrients and minerals)

All we can say is we are here for you and look forward to satisfying the growing demographic of pet owners who are looking to achieve long-term wellness for their pets.

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