Hartebeespoort Animal Welfare Society

HAWS – Hartebeespoort Animal Welfare Society –  is a registered non-profit organization that provides welfare services for abandoned, neglected and abused pets as well as farm and wild animals.

HAWS also has a sterilization clinic for the animals of less privileged members of our community. We welcome volunteers to assist us in all aspects of sustaining the existence of the shelter, be it hands-on at the kennels or with HAWS fundraisers.

HAWS’ Aims and Objectives

  • Reducing the number of animals that come into our kennels by offering sterilization for the animals belonging to underprivileged members of our community.
  • Educating the public in the care of domestic animals and raising awareness of the consequences of ignorance and indifference in the treatment of all animals.
  • Addressing complaints of animal abuse in the community.
  • Rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected or abused domestic animals and re-homing them into loving homes.
  • Assist in finding the appropriate facilities for any wildlife or farm animals that need care or attention.

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