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Pug Rescue South Africa

The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back. – Stanley Coren

Sadly for the 2 289 Pugs that have been surrendered to Pug Rescue South Africa since 2008, this fear came true.

Unlike your much-loved Pugs, the Pugs at Pug Rescue South Africa are dependent on a welfare offering for food, shelter and medical care.

You can give them hope!

Pug Rescue South Africa is a home away from home for Pugs in need in South Africa, irrespective of age and health concerns. On an average day, they care for 160 rescues of which some are honorary Pugs.

Adoption Saves Lives

Adopted pugs: 2,289 since 2008

Many South Africans are emigrating and leaving their Pugs behind.  Fortunately, they can offer sanctuary to these Pugs.  They believe that every rescue who is surrendered into their care has the right to access quality veterinary care, nutrition, housing and care.

Since April 2020 they have travelled over 18 000km outside of their province/state if efforts of rescuing pugs!

Over and above they have travelled an additional 6 338km (3 989 Miles) to Onderstapoort and back – for specialist veterinarian care.

Pugs needing special care

Pug Rescue South Africa was officially established in 2009.  During this period, 2 008 Pugs and 278 honorary Pugs have been surrendered to us.  Currently, 42 rescues in their care are 12 years and older.  The oldest being 16 years of age.  These seniors are living in our retirement section.

Pug Rescue South Africa is also the home of Pickle-the-dwarf Pug.  Pickle is a medically diagnosed skeletal dwarf and loved throughout the world.

Rescue transit

Pug Rescue South Africa travelled 2 669km (1 658 Miles)  in 2 days to collect a Pug adopted 3 years previously. Basco needed a specialist veterinary intervention which was not available in the town he was in. Added to that, his loving owner had terminal cancer.

Every Pug adopted from them always has a safety net in the sanctuary if they are ever in need again. Basco could not walk as he had a compressed disc in his neck.  Once he was back at Pug Rescue South Africa, he received the necessary veterinary care. He is back on his feet having fun!

Pug medical requirements.

One of the greatest challenges they face is the extensive medical requirement the rescued pugs need. Many rescues arrive with a plethora of medical conditions as a result of poor breeding, neglect and abuse.

We invite you to read their road to recovery stories.

Feeding needs

At Pug Rescue South Africa they feed 597kg of nutritional food a month.  They also feed an additional 76kg of prescription food a month for Pugs needing specialist food.


Make a difference today and visit our website www.pugrescue.co.za or follow their Facebook page Pug Rescue South Africa for updates

Pug Rescue: PBO No. 930035784 Sect 21 Reg.No: 2010/008170/08

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