TOP 10 Most POPULAR Dog Breeds in the World

In this fun quick video, we take a look at the TOP 10 most popular dog breeds in the world!


While it is very difficult to gauge the exact parameters of what dog breeds are the most popular in the world, it is easy enough to see that some are simply more common than others.

Tastes and fashions change, with different dog breeds coming in and out of favour. In saying that, it is interesting to note some of the dog breeds on this list of most popular dog breeds have been maintaining their popularity for centuries.

If you are thinking about ADOPTING A DOG and are wondering what type of dog breed to get, we want to stress popularity shouldn’t be the deciding factor!

Mixed breed dogs are by far the most common dog breed and for good reason.

Let us know if you agree with this list, if not what breed would you like to see added?

P.S We love all dogs equally, regardless if they are big, small, tall, short, mixed or pedigree, there is a special place for all dogs in our hearts!

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